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New Ultra Start® 150 PLUS calf colostrum replacer can be fed with confidence. It guarantees 150 grams of globulin protein and features First Defense Technology, so you can worry less about calf health. It's one of the most concentrated formulas available, so you have peace of mind knowing even your smallest calves are covered. And because it mixes easily and completely, you won't waste a precious ounce—or your time—which means you can focus on the things that really count.

New Ultra Start® 150 PLUS with First Defense Technology inside, helps turn your calves into productive members of your herd, faster.

  • Provides critical nutrients newborn calves need 
  • Mixes Easily and Completely
  • Consistent and Proactive Approach to Biosecurity

350 gram (12.3 oz) re-closable pouch*

*Bilingual English/Spanish label

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